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Alternative Structured Learning Days aka “Blizzard Bags”

For the 2017-2018 school year, Westfield Public Schools (WPS) is piloting the use of Alternative Structured Learning Days, aka Blizzard Bag Days, following the 5th school cancellation day built into the school calendar. Beginning on the 6th school cancellation day and continuing for each subsequent cancellation day, students will complete Blizzard Bag project assignments and will not be required to make up the days in June. This will ensure that our last day of school for this school year is no later than June 21, 2018. WPS will survey all stakeholders after this year and review completed projects, and this will guide our decisions for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please contact the building principal with additional questions regarding alternative structured learning days.

Guidelines for Students for completing Blizzard Bags

Students will receive their blizzard bag assignments from teachers following the fourth school cancellation day. Teachers will work with students to support their efforts in experiencing Blizzard Bag project assignments. WPS encourages students to use this as an opportunity to further their learning.  

Guidelines for Parents for supporting Blizzard Bags 

The assignments that have been developed by our teachers are intended to expand on learning that has taken place in the classroom. In the same way that homework is meant to practice learning, Blizzard Bag assignments involve concepts and skills to which students have already been introduced. For this reason, parents should not need to provide a great deal of support. Parents can provide access to technology if able, time and space to work on assignments, and encouragement to engage and persist with assignments.