Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Supplemental Educational Services or SES is extra academic help in Reading/Language Arts and/or Mathematics. Eligible students receive  services outside the regular school day, from a State-approved SES provider. Under the No Child Left Behind Act, children are eligilbe for this program if they:
 • attend a Title 1 school  and
 • attend a school which is in it's second year or later of "needs improvement" 
    status under the No Child Left Behind Act    and
 • are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program
2011/12 eligible schools are Abner Gibbs, Franklin Avenue, Highland, PaperMill Westfield Middle School - South and Westfield Vocational Technical High School. If funding is not sufficient to fund all applicants, priority will be given to students who are in the Warning or Needs Improvement categories of the MCAS. Services are discontinued once the per pupil cap ($1439 for 2010/2011) is reached or the school is no longer required to offer SES under No Child Left Behind. The school district pays the SES provider directly and there is no cost to you.

The first step toward receiving SES for your child is getting information on the program. Parents must choose an approved Supplemental Services provider.  The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has a search engine to create a complete list of providers servicing Westfield, and information about their programs. In choosing a provider, consider:
 • where and when the provider offices services
 • how often and for how long students will be served
 • how students are grouped during tutoring
 • whether the provider can meet the academic needs of your child
 • the qualifications of tutors
 • how student progress will be measured
 • how your will be kept informed of your child's progress
In selecting a program it is important to remember that transportation will not be provided by Westfield Public Schools. However, some providers may offer transportation, and services are available at a variety of locations. Some organizations offer on-line programs which children can participate in at home. You will be asked to choose a preferred provider and a second choice, in case the first provider's available spaces are filled.For more information on choosing an SES provider refer to Questions for Families to Ask SES Providers.
If you would like assistance in choosing a provider, please contact the Title 1 office.
Parents must request Supplemental Services - children do not automatically receive SES tutoring. Forms and information are available through the Title 1 office at 22 Ashley St., or you may request forms by calling 572-6397 or emailing

The deadline for applying for 2011/12 Supplemental Education Services has been extended to December 23, 2011.

                                                  SES Student Participation

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 Student who applied to receive SES




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