Russell Elementary

Russell Elementary became a Title 1 school this year. Your school has a Schoolwide Title 1 Program - every student is considered a Title 1 student and benefits from parts of the program. Russell Elementary has developed a schoolwide plan which allows Title 1 funds to be combined with other federal funds to upgrade the overall educational program of the school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program.  
Title 1 funds are intended to supplement (add to) district programs. They are additional resources to provide services beyond the basic educational program of a school and school district. This may be in the form of staff, training or supplies. Sometimes, a program or intervention is completely funded and maintained by Title 1. In other instances, Title 1 funds are used to introduce a new program into a school, with the goal of LEA (local educational agency - state and local funding) taking over the costs once it is established. An example of this is the Read180 and System 44 reading programs. Title 1 funds may also be used to train and support staff in new and innovative programs, even after the funding has transferred to the district level. 

Title 1 funds and/or contributes to the implementation of many programs at Russell Elementary:
 - Small group reading assistance from a reading assistant
  - Read 180 and System 44 remedial reading programs
 - ST Math
 - FastMath

 - Extended Day programs for students having difficulty meeting grade-level   

 - A summer school program
 - Family nights and parent resources