Special Services Supervisors

The Westfield Public Schools provides school-based supervision of specialized programs and services via six Special Services Supervisors.  Supervisors work closely with principals and teachers to ensure that students with special needs receive high quality services within least restrictive settings.  
Supervisors assignments are shown below:

Darlene Fernandez         Westfield Technical Academy - 413-572-6533
                                              East Mountain Transition Program - 413-562-9508 
                                              email: d.fernandez@schoolsofwestfield.org

Janet Baker       Highland Elementary School - 413-572-6428
                                            Paper Mill Elementary School - 413-572-6519
                                            email: ja.baker@schoolsofwestfield.org

Jennifer Hall-Cotto          Westfield High School - 413-572-6471
                                        Franklin Ave. Elementary Schools - 413-568-9592
                                          email: j.hall-cotto@schoolsofwestfield.org

Karoline Kells                      Southampton Road Elementary School - 413-572-6545
                                              Munger Hill Elementary School - 413-562-6273      
                                              email: k.kells@schoolsofwestfield.org
Elizabeth Philpott            South Middle School - 413-572-4371
                                              Abner Gibbs Elementary School - 413-572-6418
                                              email: e.philpott@schoolsofwestfield.org

Lynda Pierce                     North Middle School - 413-572-6577
                                              Russell Road Elementary School - 413-572-8280
                                              email: l.pierce@schoolsofwestfield.org

For a complete list of special services staff by school please click on the following link:Staff list 27OCT16.docx    
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