North Middle

Westfield Middle School - North is now a Title 1 school!
Title 1 funds are a federally funded grant which are intended to supplement (add to) district programs. They are additional resources to provide services beyond the basic educational program of a school and school district.

The Title 1 program at North Middle School School ares still being planned and implemented, but will include:
- Small group mathematics assistance from a math tutor
- ALEKS online math intervention program
- Extended Day / Out of Schooltime programs for students having difficulty  
  meeting grade-level expectations
- A summer school program

- Family nights and parent resources

- Professional development for staff

MCAS, NCLB and North Middle School
Massachusetts schools and districts are now classified on a five-level scale, with the highest performing in Level 1 and lowest performing in Level 5. North Middle School is a Level 2 school. Approximately eighty percent of schools are classified into Level 1 or 2 based on the cumulative Progress & Performance Index (PPI) for the "all students" and high needs groups. For a school to be classified into Level 1, the PPI for both the "all students" group and high needs students must be 75 or higher. If not, the school is classified into Level 2.

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