Westfield Public Schools are closed from Monday, March 16 - Monday, May 4.  Thank you.         

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Westfield Public Schools Closure Plan
March 16 - May 4, 2020

Dear Westfield Public School Families,

Please click the link below to access the WPS School Closure Plan website. This website was developed for students, families, and staff to facilitate access to enrichment opportunities and information regarding the school closure. Please check this website with your students often as we will continue to provide updates. 

WPS School Closure Plan  

Dear Westfield Families and Community:

Thank you for your support and understanding over the past two weeks as we’ve adjusted to this new reality facing our district, state, and nation. It is a challenging time for everyone, and we realize the difficulties faced by many of our families. Most of the content of our remote learning plan is reflective of the guidance provided by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeff Riley and the United States Department of Education. I’d like to thank Superintendent Dr. Todd Gazda of Ludlow Public Schools for encapsulating and sharing the state guidance into such a thorough and user-friendly model for us to adopt. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO ACCESS THE PLAN

As this emergency has evolved, we have offered educational resources for students and parents including enrichment activities that parents could utilize to keep students connected with learning. With the Governor’s announcement that schools will now remain closed until May 4, 2020, we enter a new period of our educational planning and want to provide families with a more detailed Westfield Public Schools’ remote learning plan. This plan will provide us with a platform and structure as we move forward with the delivery of educational services for our students. The purpose of the plan is not to outline or try to anticipate every eventuality or possible scenario, but rather it is an attempt to balance the needs of all the people who belong to our school community: students, staff and families.

Teachers and administration have been meeting virtually throughout the past few weeks to organize learning in their grades and content areas. Over the past few weeks, District administrators have been working to develop a remote learning plan on distributing technology to students and families in need. We have looked beyond Westfield and consulted with professionals from across the state, drawing from collective wisdom, ideas and strategies in order to serve the students here in Westfield.

Please know that the WPS remote learning plan is intended to support the site-specific plans created collaboratively by the teachers and principals for the children in our elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools. It is an overarching framework of expectations for vertical guidance of our educators as they navigate these uncharted waters. Initially, teachers were limited to review and enrichment; however, with the period of closure being extended until May 4th, that limitation is now being relaxed. Teachers will use their professional judgment to determine which standards, content, and activities need to be covered, recognizing that any “new” content must be such that students will be able to understand and apply it with the support available in our new reality.

Westfield’s remote learning plan has been designed to be a system which provides for a manageable, meaningful, and sustainable learning experience, and it has been created with students, staff, and families in mind. Health care experts are uncertain as to when exactly social distancing practices, which include the closing of our schools, will no longer be needed. For now, that date has been extended until May 4, 2020, but it could very well be extended. The system we have put in place will help carry us through this uncertain time, and it recognizes the importance to our students of maintaining a connection with their teachers while learning as our country positions its resources to fight this pandemic and heal.

On Monday, April 6, 2020, we will begin the transition phase of remote learning for Westfield Public Schools. The following weeks will allow schools and teachers to adjust their planning for the remote learning experience, which begins on Monday, April 13, 2020. Spring vacation is scheduled from April 20-24. Students can continue to work on long-term assignments or enrichment activities but there will not be direct instruction.

We miss our students, faculty, staff and the normalcy of life that we remember from just three weeks ago. The key to getting through this crisis is to respond thoughtfully, to embrace sincerely the uniqueness of the situation, and to trust wholeheartedly that we have the best interests of you and your family in our hearts. Principals and teachers will be providing additional information to students and families about this plan in the days ahead. Stay safe and be well!


Stefan Czaporowski
Superintendent of Schools
Westfield Public Schools


WPS Remote Learning Plan


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Westfield Public Schools Community Survey
Westfield Public Schools Community Survey

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