The PTO is open to all parents, faculty, and staff at Highland School. The PTO is a liaison between the administration, parents, faculty, and staff. The goal of the PTO is to provide the best educational experience possible for our children. In order to achieve this goal, the PTO holds one or two fundraisers per school year. The raised monies are used to help fund field trips, enrichment programs, extras for the classroom, and defray other classroom costs. Please feel free to email the PTO if you have any questions or concerns,

If you would like to join our email list for the latest happenings at Highland, please email us at:

2023-2024 Executive Board

  • Jose Roman, President

  • Ali Connor, Vice President

  • Heather Huizenga, Secretary

  • Jennifer Gould, Treasurer

Latest Information and Updates:

Meeting Dates

Meeting dates have not been decided yet. We may be moving dates around every month to try to accommodate more parents who can't make the recurring dates. Please be sure to CHECK EACH MONTH'S AGENDA FOR THE MEETING DATE!

The first PTO meeting for the 2023-24 school year will be September 13th at 6:30pm. Please come and support your children and their school. 

All parents/guardians are welcome to attend!  We need your ideas and your help to have a great year at Highland School. Thank you.

September 2023 Agenda📋

✏️September Minutes

February 2024 Agenda📋

✏️February Minutes

October 2023 Agenda📋

✏️October Minutes

March 2024 Agenda📋

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November 2023 Agenda📋

✏️November Minutes

April 2024 Agenda📋

✏️April Minutes

December 2023 Agenda📋

✏️December Minutes

May 2024 Agenda📋

✏️May Minutes

January 2024 Agenda📋

✏️January Minutes

June 2024 Agenda📋

✏️ June Minutes

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