2021-22 Band Information

Dear Fourth Grade Families,

My name is Jessica Pietrosanti and I am the fourth grade band teacher for the Westfield Elementary Schools. Teaching beginning band is my passion and I can't wait for another amazing year! I am so excited to start our youngest instrumentalists and guide them through their first band experience.

Fourth grade is the first year that Westfield students may choose a band instrument! Band is a choice, not a requirement in fourth grade, but I hope that every child decides to join band and learn an instrument this year.

Renting An Instrument (and buy the book)
Attached is information from our local music stores. I recommend renting, not purchasing. Instruments available through some online retailers or at discount stores that seem like "deals" are not real instruments, but toys. They are often made from poor quality materials, break quickly, and are not repairable. Renting is the best choice for beginners!

Please complete the rental process as soon as possible to allow for delivery to the school. Lessons will begin the week of September 7, 2021!

If you have an approved band instrument in your home that your child wants to play, please have the instrument checked out at a music store before the school year begins. Instruments need small adjustments and repairs from time to time and having a perfectly functioning instrument is key to beginner success.

Band Checklist:

  • rent an instrument: flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion kit (snare drum and bells - both!)
  • buy our lesson book: Making Music Matter (for your child's instrument)
  • buy a folder
  • buy a music stand
  • buy other supplies: extra reeds, valve oil, slide grease, cleaning swab

If you haven't registered your child for band, please use the Google Form link below:

Lesson Schedule

Students will meet in group lessons/rehearsals once per week during the school day. Lesson schedules will be shared soon! 

🎶 Lessons begin the week of September 7th, 2021! 🎶


  • Be ready to have fun and take on new challenges!
  • Students are expected to practice at home between lessons (15 minutes per day is perfect!)
  • Bring instrument and book/folder to school on lesson days

Band during COVID-19
The Westfield Music Department is committed to ensuring student safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Masking, distancing, and other mitigation techniques will be used in accordance with all state and local guidance.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

Jessica Pietrosanti