Kristen Biancuzzo

Kristen M. Biancuzzo, WHS English teacher, has been selected from a national applicant pool by the National Endowment for the Humanities to attend the Institute: Borderlands Narratives - Tales from the Chihuahuan Desert as a Summer Scholar! Mrs. Biancuzzo is passionate about the Chihuahuan Desert and fascinated by the blending of Native American, Mexican, and American cultures. At WHS, Mrs. Biancuzzo consistently seeks ways to bring attention and study to underrepresented voices through the careful selection of literature and in the creation of innovative and engaging projects. From the Institute, she will bring back big ideas about border peoples and binational spaces, and she will challenge her students to think deeply about how these big ideas relate to their own lives and to the community of Westfield. Congratulations, Mrs. Biancuzzo!