Adopt a Classroom, an initiative of Westfield Education to Business Alliance has gone virtual again!! Bridget Leahy, Education Manager at Amelia Park Children's Museum, took students from Megan Hysler's 1st Grade Class on a virtual tour of Amelia Park Children's Museum! During the student's science block the last two days, students were not only able to tour the Museum but launch into the field of Space Exploration. The culminating activity was a STEAM project where students got to create and launch their own straw rockets. Megan Hysler- 1st-grade Teacher Abner Gibbs and Highland Avenue- "This virtual field trip program was a unique, hands-on experience my students will never forget. During this time of distance learning, I have found so much value in the ability to connect students with their community even while they are stuck at home. Thank you, Bridget, from Amelia Park, for giving my students this opportunity and engaging them in the world of space exploration!" Bridget Leahy- Education Manager of Amelia Park Children's Museum- "It was an amazing experience working with very bright children and educators from Westfield Public Schools. Their willingness to learn and adapt to virtual learning continues to amaze me!"
10 months ago, Westfield Public Schools
Student showing off their straw rockets
Student creating her straw rocket
Student creating his straw rocket